August 26, 2020 All Telight info

Q-Phase software version 8 released

We have used the advantage of the spring lockdown time to focus on Q-Phase software to make your work with the system easier and more comfortable. Let’s take a look at the highlights of version 8.


1. You can store analysis results directly in the dataset

They are accessible even after reopening the dataset later, including information about parameters, with which the data has been analyzed.

2. Analysis is up to 10x faster

It is partially thanks to the newly introduced segmentation parameter “Min Cell Radius”

3. Segmentation setup in Analysis is interactive now

You can see an instant preview of any change of parameters immediately in the image window. At the same time, the setup of analysis parameters has been moved to the side panel.

4. TIFF and video files more supported

Export of segmentation overlay from analysis and export of merged QPI/fluorescence images are newly enabled when exporting into TIFF and video files.

5. You can store reprocessed images in the current dataset!

Do you need to add missing image channels or overwrite originals with newly processed images? It´s never been easier!

6. New file format .qdf (Q-Phase Dataset File)

This format brings you more stability and enables some new functionalities.

Old datasets in CDF file format are still supported on the current level. If you want to take advantage of all version 8 functions, all you need to do is to save old files in the new format.

7. “Process and Store” tool

We have merged Reprocessing and Export tools into a single one. Why?

This change simplifies the user interface and in addition, it enables e.g. on-the-fly processing of the image channels, that are not stored in the given dataset file; and storing them directly to TIFF or video files. Great, isn´t it?

8. Different parameters for each ROI

Segmentation parameters can be set differently for each region of interest now. We hope this provides you with more accurate images and data.

9. One well-arranged panel instead of two

Sometimes less is more. So we have decided to put together a panel for displaying image windows and a panel for the setup of reprocessing for viewing purposes.

This step saves the space currently occupied for other options.

10. Stay up-to-date

You will miss no software updates anymore. When starting the software, newly you will be notified as the new version of Q-Phase software is ready to be downloaded.

If you choose so, the update is downloaded and installation started.